The peninsula is encircled by the Aegean sea in the east and the Pagasitic Gulf in the west. The area has a length of about 72 kilometers from north to south and is at its widest spot 25 kilometers.

Pelion is named after the highest mountain of the area: `the Pilio` with a height of 1681 meters. In winter the mountains are covered with snow and throughout the year you will find waterfalls.

In the breathtaking atmosphere of this landscape the history mingles with myths, the wilderness with cultivation and the past with the present. Above all there is this paradisiacal nature of Pelion. The east coast comprises of rich, almost impenetrable vegetation onto the Aegean sea. The west coast is calm and peaceful, with picturesque villages and quiet beaches on the Pagasitic Gulf.

If you would like to make a tour out of Pelion, a visit to the monasteries of Meteora is highly recommended. The monasteries were built in the 11th or 12th century on top of the rocks at a height of at least 300 meters to protect the inhabitants from the tyrants. Considering the distance (124km) and the sights worth seeing, it will take you one day of your vacation but you will certainly not regret it.


Chorto (show map)

The nearest village called Chorto is located at a distance of 200 meters; a picturesque coastal village that actually just consists of a small harbor and an out of square built pier with a few traditional taverns and a small market for daily fresh bread. The houses that are leaning towards each other give this village an authentic feel. The sea is different here from the Aegean sea; quiet, because it is more or less encircled by the Pagasitic Gulf. Like other villages along the Gulf there are a couple of bays with beaches. A small town called Argalasti (aprox. 4km) is easily reached for provisions, an ATM, health centre, pharmacy and on Saturday the local market.

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